BOFIDI Consulting and BrightAnalytics: a strong partnership to the advantage of every SME

Kontich – 10 January 2017 –
If you want to move forward as a company, you not only need to have an overview of all relevant financial and operational data, but you also need to be able to interpret them correctly. Since September 2012, BrightAnalytics from Hooglede has been doing its utmost to achieve this. The SME designs software that enables business leaders and managers to see how their company is doing in just a few clicks. “The more complex the business structure, the more added value we can create with our solutions,” know partners Olivier Seynhaeve, Lode Bogaert and Merijn Demuynck.

Keeping the financial administration running as efficiently as possible and providing insight to managers

BOFIDI Consulting (formerly known as YouCtrl) helps Belgian SMEs run their financial administration as efficiently as possible and gives company managers insight into their figures. Providing insight into figures can be done in various ways. “Our customers are SMEs. An SME manager mainly wants tools that are simple, fast, flexible and affordable. That’s why BOFIDI opted for a partnership with BrightAnalytics. BrightAnalytics provides a state-of-the-art online reporting platform that easily connects to just about any accounting package or ERP platform, while BOFIDI has the right business knowledge to implement it flawlessly. A golden duo that benefits all SMEs,” continues Dirk Covens, managing partner at BOFIDI.

Bringing figures to the right people in an easy way

BrightAnalytics’ solutions are designed to make it easy for a company’s figures to reach the right people. “It’s about bringing the data to life so that a business manager knows perfectly well where his company stands and what steps need to be taken,” says Lode Bogaert. “Because we always use the same methodologies, it’s a user-friendly solution where everyone understands the finer points of it after only 15 minutes. Our solutions look simple, but there is a lot of intelligence under the hood.

Partnership creates added value for customers

With this cooperation both partners broaden their scope and therefore also the added value for their customers. “Thanks to the cooperation with YouCtrl our team can focus 100% on product development and support, which only makes the product even stronger,” says Olivier Seynaeve. For YouCtrl, BrightAnalytics fits into a total approach. YouCtrl helps SMEs to align their processes with the strategic goals and information needs of decision makers. “The accounting department is evolving from a cost center to a profit center,” says Dirk Covens. “The CFO helps build the business strategy. They help the operational decision-makers to predict, plan and make choices. That is only possible if the finance processes are up to scratch and the right tools are used. BrightAnalytics fits that picture perfectly. It’s easy to use, smart and affordable. That’s completely in line with YouCtrl’s approach.”

About BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics, a cloud-based reporting platform, enables companies to streamline their financial and strategic reporting on one central platform. BrightAnalytics connects to any accounting and/or ERP system and brings both financial figures and strategic KPIs to every stakeholder in a company quickly, easily, and transparently.


BOFIDI helps companies to optimize the operation of the finance department with specialized expertise, technology, and management support. The goal: to better align the processes with the strategic goals and the information needs of the managers. BOFIDI combines an understanding of finance with extensive IT knowledge.

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