Greyt and BrightAnalytics: Supporting entrepreneurs in The Netherlands

Strengthening Entrepreneurial Netherlands

October 8, 2021, Belgium, Roeselare

Who is Greyt?

Greyt strengthens entrepreneurs in The Netherlands with the best CFOs and controllers, so that every company small or large can grow successfully. “We complement this in a way that best fits the challenge of the organization, part-time, full-time, interim or on a project basis.” explains Martijn Wassink, CEO and founder of Greyt. “Greyt provides access to financials fit for a variety of organizations, make-believe and affordable.”

The partnership as part of the solution

The partnership with BrightAnalytics fits perfectly with the objective of Greyt and offers a unique added value where CFOs can deliver ultimate solutions according to the needs of scale-ups and SME entrepreneurs.

“Together we offer companies insight into their (finance) data and align processes with their strategic goals.” explains Martijn.

Together we help businesses grow

At BrightAnalytics, our mission is to help CFOs, finance managers and financial controllers make the right decisions based on accurate insights. Thanks to our intuitive, reliable and fast reporting platform, we help CFOs through the digital processes and provide customized reporting. This allows them to closely monitor all financial and operational performance and grow in a controlled manner.

About Greyt

Greyt strengthens executive teams with the best CFOs and controllers who bring over 15 years of experience from various scale-ups and multinationals. We do this part-time, interim, full-time or on a project basis; based on the needs of the business. This makes the solution appropriate and affordable. Our approach: to be involved on the long term. This is how we provide every organization with access to the best experience.

About BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics, a cloud-based reporting platform, automates complex reporting processes regarding financial, operational and cash data. This provides CFOs with insight into their company’s corporate performance and allows them to focus on interpreting the data rather than collecting it. BrightAnalytics brings both financial metrics and strategic KPIs quickly, easily and transparently to every stakeholder in a company.

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