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KBC – Things are moving forward at BrightAnalytics. The new partnership with KBC Corporate Banking is proof of this.


An important step in the ambitious growth strategy

Things are moving forward at BrightAnalytics. This is demonstrated by the new partnership with KBC Corporate Banking, which wants to support companies in Belgium in their financial challenges even better than before. For BrightAnalytics, this commercial partnership represents a new, important step in its ambitious growth strategy.

As a banker, KBC Corporate Banking often sits down with companies to discuss their financial needs. Having a clear and up-to-date view of the financial and operational performance of the company at all times, is crucial to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Real-time management reporting provides that finger on the pulse.

At the same time, KBC Corporate Banking also announced its partnership with another Fintech: Cashforce, a software that maps working capital.


Wim Eraly, Managing Director of Corporate Banking: “It has been clear to us for some time that, as a banker, we need to work with more advanced technology. The time when a relationship manager, together with the client, would make an approximate calculation of the credit needs for the coming year on paper or in Excel, is over. We need to support our customers even better in order to achieve accurate real-time insights. That also applies to business results. Accurate figures visualized in clear reports ensure that you know exactly how your organisation is performing at all times. At KBC, we also believe in Open Banking, which means that we don’t build these solutions ourselves, but seek out external partners who use technology to create valid customer solutions. In that approach, Cashforce and BrightAnalytics are the first to partner with us.”


Lode Bogaert, Co-founder BrightAnalytics: “As a company, you need to be able to monitor your financial performance quickly, no matter how complex your structure is. We automate the consolidation of all figures and translate them into usable and insightful management reports that you can also share with the entire organisation. You get helicopter views in clear, visual dashboards and can also zoom in to the smallest detail to identify risks. We want to give everyone in the organisation clear insight into performance because transparency greatly increases agility and the chances of success. Together with KBC, we want to give a boost to ambitious Belgian SMEs. A promising partnership that also firmly establishes our own growth strategy.”

The complete press release of KBC Corporate Banking can be consulted via KBC.com.

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