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1. BrightAnalytics has more than 250 integrations

BrightAnalytics connects to any accounting, ERP and CRM system and can combine any number of applications on the platform (both cloud-based and on-premise).

Today, BrightAnalytics prides itself with over 250 available connectors. If your software package is not on that list, we create the connector in a matter of days.

2. BrightAnalytics serves clients of various sizes in various sectors
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3. Consolidated management reporting

The real-time connection of BrightAnalytics to accounting, ERP and CRM systems, allows the BrightAnalytics platform to automatically generate consolidated management reports. With the click of a button, IC transactions are eliminated, consolidation entries can be made, and participations can be included.

Different entities? Various accounting packages? Multiple currencies? Different financial years? The BrightAnalytics platform is built to handle complexity. Due to the financial logic that is embedded in BrightAnalytics, the platform correctly smooths out any differences and ensures a clear and reliable consolidated reporting.

In addition, BrightAnalytics automatically detects the intercompany entries, and visualizes these intercompany differences in a clear smartmap.

“BrightAnalytics is already my favorite tool, and I have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. I am looking forward to further optimizing our reports.”
– Johan Ehlinger, Group Business Controller
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4. The BrightAnalytics modules are perfectly tailored to your business

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Financial reporting

Centralize all accounting systems on one powerful reporting tool, and optimize the most difficult financial processes like consolidation.

Thanks to the extensive automation, the finance team always has all the figures to hand.

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Operational reporting

Centralize all operational and financial data in one common reporting tool.

Combine these numbers endlessly to arrive at the most inclusive insights. From sales and margin reporting to HR and billability reporting.

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Cash reporting - cash forecast

Cash reporting

Gain insight into all cash movements. Approach the short-term cash position and spot long-term trends that may be of great strategic importance.

A daily refresh of your cash position and maturity balances will give you a quick-win every day.

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5. Play with different analytical dimensions

Another advantage is the extensive dynamic functionality of the platform.

Play with different analytical dimensions. Quickly switch between general organization-wide reports and the filtered views on analytical dimensions. Define your filters in the admin panel:

  • Legal entities
  • Departments or divisions
  • Regions
  • Offices…and many more.

You can select, merge and filter out as much as you want in the application.

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