Security and technology.
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At BrightAnalytics, we do whatever it takes to mitigate risk. With people, with technology and with processes.


Private cloud

BrightAnalytics sets up its own environment for each client. This way, your confidential data never falls into unwanted hands.

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Physical security

BrightAnalytics uses an external biometrically locked data centre in Belgium (Unix Solutions). Your data is thus highly secured and protected in accordance with Belgian law.

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Health check

To ensure that the reporting is consistent with the source data, we have implemented built-in health checks that detect anomalies between the platform and the source data.

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Secured network

BrightAnalytics’ network uses a layered architecture, which provides separation protection.

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Application measures

We provide the necessary measures that keep the application strong and secure, such as continuous software updates, code reviews, and penetration testing and ethical hacking.



At BrightAnalytics, we monitor the application on a continuous basis. An audit trail of every login and change is maintained, and monitors application access.

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