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Join our webinar for project development and discover our best practices!
From detailed project tracking to clear property reporting, we’ll discuss all of it.

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Discover our best practices in project development

✔ Follow various projects closely
✔ Obtain an overview of your development and operating companies
✔ Monitor the various companies on the basis of a consolidated overview
✔ Click through to the smallest detail
…and so much more.

Join our project development webinar and discover how to efficiently analyze your financial and operational data in 1 platform!


What is this webinar about?

Gain insight with regard to best practices within project development
✔ Get to know the BrightAnalytics platform, and get a first look and feel
✔ Find out how the setup works
✔ Ask questions and share concerns via live chat


Who is this webinar for?

➡️ Are you a CFO who wants to spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing it?

➡️ Are you a CEO looking to support your finance and operations department?

In that case, this webinar is something for you!


Who is your webinar host?

Sebastien, our Account Executive

With several years of experience evaluating the link between IT and business in different sectors, Sebastien has become an expert in streamlining these processes.

“I’ve found that clear communication, well-designed processes and transparent reporting are must haves for organizations to be able to respond instantaneously in rapidly changing environments.”

customer review
The time we used to spend making up reports has now been cleared to dive deeper into the numbers.
– Dimka Buyse, Financial Controller
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