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Discover our best practices in the IT industry

✔ Analyse the margins per product
✔ Monitor the figures per cost center or per department
✔ View your top product group
…and so much more

Join our webinar for the retail sector and discover our best practices!

What is this webinar about?

✔ Gain insight into the best practices within the IT industry
✔ Get to know the BrightAnalytics platform, and get a first look and feel
✔ Find out how the setup works
Ask questions and share concerns via live chat

Who is this webinar for?

➡️ Are you a CFO who wants to spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing it?

➡️ Are you a CEO looking to support your finance and operations department?

In that case, this webinar is something for you!


Who is your webinar host?

Emiel, our Account Executive

Emiel is an expert in financial and operational reporting.

His focus is on how companies can work more efficiently by having a clear insight into their figures and business performance.

“With BrightAnalytics we see where we can best deploy our people, analyse individual projects, or compare our sites.”
– Stijn Degriek, CEO
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