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Intuitive web application

BrightAnalytics is a web application with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Rock-solid financial management reporting

Get cracking right away with the standard templates for a.o. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement. 

Consolidation & Intercompany matching

Strip your company structure of all complexity with modules for financial consolidation and automatic intercompany eliminations. 


Both for financial and operational reports we can connect with any (number of) business application(s), either on premises or in the cloud.

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Budgeting & forecasting

Establish plans, budgets and forecasts with ease and make adjustments where necessary. 

Aggregated views

Use the dynamic filters to select one or several entities. Simply click and drag to add up or compare the performance of multiple companies or business units.

Reports as a function of your strategy

An extensive admin panel gives you total freedom in visualising the business strategy in reports. Define the structure of your organisation and determine the settings for the results and views.

Dynamic filters

Switch quickly between overarching organisation reports to filtered overviews in analytical dimensions. Set these filters according to the needs of your organisation in the admin panel.

Flexible access rights

Access rights can be set for individual users based on two criteria: 

  • on the basis of data (e.g. business unit, region, ...) 
  • on the basis of functionality (available views, number of click-through options, ...)

Strong visualisations

The figures are displayed in top-notch, crystal clear visualisations. From transparent tables and advanced charts to heat maps & geomapping.


Real-time data integration

BrightAnalytics connects with any accounting package or ERP system. We read out the transactions in real-time, so you always have accurate figures at your disposal.

Safety and technology

Safety and technology are Bright priorities for the cloud-based BrightAnalytics platform.  

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Which functionalities does BrightAnalytics have?


All functions are described on the page . From consolidation to intercompany matching to budgeting and forecasting, aggregated views, dynamic filters, flexible accesses,...


What are the possibilities with BrightAnalytics?


With BrightAnalytics you can review your financial and operational reporting and you can also add a few modules such as the cash module, aging, forecasting,...


What about updates of BrightAnalytics?


Features are automatically updated in your environment.


Are all features standard in BrightAnalytics?


Not every feature is standard in BrightAnalytics. The feature for the financial module is standard. The features for cash and operations can be added.