Filtering is fast in BrightAnalytics and you can see the results at a glance.

- Hans Hoskens, Finance Director Van Roey makes BrightAnalytics
preferred partner

IT service provider elects to work with preferred partners for the infrastructure and applications they offer their customers. BrightAnalytics recently became one of those partners, more specifically for customers looking for a financial reporting and controlling tool. 

“As an IT service provider we support our customers - usually medium-sized B2B companies with some 25 to 5,000 computer users - with infrastructure and applications”, says manager Pat Van Roey. “For this purpose we work with a select number of suppliers.” During customer conversations the business unit Business Solutions of ascertained that many businesses needed a more advanced financial reporting solution. Following extensive market research the choice fell on BrightAnalytics.

Without IT intervention

 “We opted for BrightAnalytics for several reasons”, Finance Director Hans Hoskens explains. “BrightAnalytics goes that one step beyond other BI tools. It’s not merely a financial reporting tool but also a controlling tool. Operational staff in the financial department can set it up and manage it themselves without the intervention of IT personnel”, Hans continues.

“To us this is of crucial importance. Usually a lot of time and effort goes into financial reporting, leaving less time to analyse the data itself even though this should really be the other way round: data have to be available really fast so you can get to work analysing the figures. In this respect BrightAnalytics has surpassed our wildest expectations.”

Usually a lot of time and effort goes into financial reporting, leaving less time to analyse the data itself. BrightAnalytics makes the opposite possible. 

- Hans Hoskens, Finance Director Van Roey

At a glance

As doesn’t like to propose solutions to customers unless they use it themselves, the IT service provider also implemented BrightAnalytics in-house. The main reason for this was the introduction of an analytical accounting system that required the overhead to be allocated across the various business units. “In BrightAnalytics we can implement an allocation formula in the background that automatically splits those costs across the business units for reporting purposes.

Back in the day we would have had to rely on Excel, which includes a high risk of errors in the formulas and requires working with multiple sheets. Filtering is fast in BrightAnalytics and you can see the results at a glance. It saves a lot of time, it’s user-friendly and it allows us to work quickly”, Hans concludes.

No additional cost for bespoke work

Meanwhile also provides customers with other BI. “If you’re looking for productivity reporting that tells you who spent how many hours on what project, Power BI is an example of a fine tool that’s pretty accessible to boot”, Pat continues. “Still, filtering on an analytical level is difficult, and working with allocation formulas to make an accurate analysis of the figures often involves bespoke work. In such cases, BrightAnalytics is a better option.”

  • Financial reporting and controlling tool
  • No IT intervention required
  • User-friendly system
  • Huge time savings


For 26 years, has been the preferred IT partner of a host of companies, healthcare institutions, schools and administrations. The company’s more than 180 staff support these organisations with well-thought-out infrastructure and application solutions. For this purpose they work with preferred partners and their partner for financial reporting and controlling is BrightAnalytics!

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