The time we used to spend preparing the figures can now be spent on analysis and controls. 

- Joeri Vandewaetere, Controller Belgian Pork Group

An overview of all the relevant figures

When companies contact BrightAnalytics, they are often not specifically looking for a financial reporting tool. They usually want a more efficient approach to their operational reporting. This was also the case for pork specialist Belgian Pork Group (Westvlees), a company based in the Belgian province of West Flanders. And yet the reason why Belgian Pork Group decided to partner up with us was – you guessed it – their accounting reporting. 

“Belgian Pork Group has grown a lot over the past few years, particularly after a few acquisitions,” says Tine Forret, who is responsible for the company’s accounting and taxes. “We had already made sure that all our companies were using the same accounting package, but we still relied on Excel for our operational reporting. It took us a long time to prepare the figures, and the adjustment of one figure often had major consequences. So we started looking for a tool that would give us both an overall report and the smaller details.” 


Delivered ready to use

Belgian Pork Group not only wanted to compare its budgeting with the actual figures. It also wanted to manage its ‘internal weekly accounts’. Controller Joeri Vandewaetere explains: “Because pork prices fluctuate every week, we want to monitor our results weekly. That is why we invoice our sales on a weekly basis, and we make provisions for our purchases based on the amounts we will receive for our outgoing invoices. We add up the various weekly accounts into a monthly account, which we then compare with the closing accounts. Until recently, we did all this in Excel.” 

Eventually, the Belgian Pork Group CFO introduced Tine and Joeri to BrightAnalytics. He had seen the management reporting software at work at an event, and he had liked it straight away. “When the people of BrightAnalytics introduced themselves to us at our location not long after, it became clear that their solution was far more accounting-oriented than we had initially thought,” Tine continues. “On reflection, it turned out that that was exactly why the software is so useful to us. Our weekly reporting could be customized and included in the system. That has made our work far easier. In Excel, the whole thing was far too complex.”

Belgian Pork Group could start using the new system not much later. “The BrightAnalytics people visited us once to get acquainted, and a second time to discuss exactly what we wanted. About one month later, the solution was delivered ready for us to use. The financial platform was operational from day one,” Joeri says. “Both the structure and the visuals have been completely tailored to our needs. We can now view the total figures and the figures by company, by cost type, or by department. We can even drill down to invoice level. The system processes our weekly reporting and shows us an overview of everything we want to see.”


More time for control and analysis

It goes without saying that this saves a huge amount of time. “The time we used to spend preparing the figures can now be spent on actual analytical accounting checks,” Tine adds. “The various managers can now also drill down to the smaller details themselves. This enables them to be better prepared at meetings and to carry out their own analyses. We also find the graphs and dashboards useful. We would like to customize those for our users in the future because a CEO and a CFO obviously want to see different data. Fortunately, the people at BrightAnalytics respond to our questions right away: we get an answer the same day with the solution often already included.” 

Although the tool was implemented at Belgian Pork Group in early 2020, the company itself has indicated that it is still rolling out BrightAnalytics further within the company. “Besides the CEO and CFO, the Accounting and Control department are also using the platform,” Tine says. “The production managers have recently also gained access. They are already asking to report on the maintenance costs as well. We discover new reporting possibilities every day. We have certainly not explored all of the tool’s potential yet, and we want to get even more out of it in the future than we already do.”

BrightAnalytics always responds to our questions straight away. We receive an answer the same day, often with the solution already included. 

- Tine Forret, Responsable Accounting & Taxes

Belgian Pork Group's top tip for anyone considering a similar project

“Good preparation is key: think what report would make your company’s work easier and more efficient. Then map out the information BrightAnalytics will need to realize this. That will make implementation so much easier later.” 

  • Delivered ready to use
  • Immediately operational
  • Drill down to invoice level
  • Current figures available at all times
  • Frees up time for analysis and control
  • Smooth, constructive cooperation


Pork for every meal: that is what Belgian Pork Group stands for. The pork specialist is based in Westrozebeke and processes, freezes, packs and labels fresh and ready-to-eat dishes based on client specifications. Its production is handled entirely in-house by 850 production staff. Because the price of pork fluctuates each week, Belgian Pork Group prepares weekly as well as monthly accounts. BrightAnalytics makes these processes a lot faster and more convenient.

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