Our employees can now
see the impact of decisions.
This gets them more involved.

- Filip Steyaert, Project Manager IT

More involvement thanks to accessible reporting

HR service provider Synergie is currently developing from a medium-sized company into a big player. To keep its growth manageable, it needs simpler and more efficient business processes. A few years ago, the company still processed all its financial figures and reports manually. BrightAnalytics enables all employees to easily view the results at any time. This immediately shows them the impact of decisions and therefore greatly increases their involvement. 

Synergie Belgium's turnover has risen from 86 to 277 million euros in about 10 years’ time. It now has roughly 400 permanent employees in 85 offices all over Belgium. "We have been transforming from a medium-sized company into a major player in recent years. Simple processes and rapid reporting are more essential to us than ever before," IT Project Manager Filip Steyaert says. 


No more manual labour

A few years ago, the Synergie management team opted for BrightAnalytics as a financial tool. "It has everything: quarterly figures, forecasts, budgets, … It makes us aware of our return on investment and cost control at all times, and allows us to easily compare these figures with previous quarters or years. With just one click, we can zoom in on specific items, either at a high level or in more detail," Filip explains. 

Things were not always that easy. Finance Manager Vanessa Wouters knows this like no other: "Of course, our previous system also contained those figures, but back then I had to prepare and export everything manually. Now our managers have access to all the reports themselves at all times. They can see the figures at a national level or for a specific region, office or client. We currently receive far fewer questions and emails, which saves us a great deal of time." 

BrightAnalytics makes us aware of our returns and cost control at all times. 

- Vanessa Wouters, Finance Manager

Impact visible immediately

BrightAnalytics does so much more than offer transparent figures to the management. Last year, district managers, office managers and all consultants working in the offices also received access to the operational reports. Those reports compare the daily activities with the targets and budgets, either per year, per quarter or per month as selected.

"This allows an office manager to improve the operation of the team and enables a regional manager to collaborate with the office managers better," Filip says. "Our employees can now see the impact of decisions. This gets them more involved, and makes them more cost-conscious and responsible. They can stay focused better and their work is more results-oriented. That is how BrightAnalytics adds value." 


Ultra-rapid response to changes

Filip adds that if a reporting aspect is less convenient for a certain department, BrightAnalytics quickly comes up with a solution. "We work well together. It is very apparent that BrightAnalytics’ specialists have a business background. They also know the tool very well. Any adjustments take no time at all. No need to wait for weeks on end. Together with BrightAnalytics, we can respond very quickly to the changes in our industry," Filip concludes.


Synergie Belgium has been a respected HR partner in a rapidly changing market for more than 20 years. The foundation for their success is the Synergie approach which aims to add value in everything Synergie does. The company is committed to long-term partnerships with its customers, candidates and own employees.

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