Financial reporting solutions


More insight, more impact

BrightAnalytics gives your finance team all the ammunition it will ever need to realise its full potential and advise the right and well-informed decisions. A strong financial motor at the heart of the organisation that automates everything involved in financial reporting. From data collection from a variety of sources to management reports. From actuals and budgets to forecasts, consolidation and automatic intercompany eliminations.

  • custom-tailored to your company
  • including best-in-class templates
  • based on many years of expertise
  • much appreciated by our clients

Solutions for financial reporting


Make solid management reports

Draw up management reports with ease, stress-free. And always on time. 

BrightAnalytics gives you all the tools and figures to create transparent, user-friendly and accurate management reports. Regardless of the number of entities, deviating fiscal years or multiple currencies: the reports are comprehensive and clear. Offer complete transparency to management, the shareholders and the organisation as a whole. The best way imaginable to foster entrepreneurship in your business culture.   

The result

  • the Board of Directors is never left in the dark
  • confidence in the management team
  • a flexible organisation capable of capitalising on opportunities, quickly and intelligently
  • a close-knit team with a common goal

Analyse and advise in real time

All figures always at your fingertips and up-to-date in transparent, interactive reports. Analyse your business in detail and align your budgets and forecasts with the latest developments. 

In BrightAnalytics you work with interactive dashboards, rolling periods and pivots to acquire new insights. Both an organisation-wide view or as a function of entities, business units, branches or regions. Apply ratios and configure covenants. Compare budgets with forecasts and identify trends. More and more in depth with every single mouse click. Always accurate. 

The result

  • analyse your entire organisation to the nth degree
  • keep your finger firmly on the pulse, nothing escapes your attention
  • always in a position to give advice and make decisions quickly

Accelerate financial processes

Take the sting out of the trickiest financial processes such as consolidation. Extensive automation lets you close faster, every single time. 

BrightAnalytics centralises all financial and operational data from all business systems across all entities, divisions and business units. It harbours the one and only truth and ensures data integrity through health checks. 

The result

  • simple processes, regardless of the complexity of your organisational structure
  • guaranteed accuracy of figures and consolidations 
  • more time for management reporting, analysis and advice

Eliminate manual input 

Automate manual financial processes because this saves time, errors, frustration and a lot of hassle. 

Collecting data, building formulas, copying & pasting charts... This is not where the passion of a financial team lies. BrightAnalytics eliminates the annoying jobs that no one looks forward to, for instance through connectors for automatic data uploads, predefined templates or custom dashboards and best-in-class reports. 

The result

  • more job satisfaction
  • reliable, error-free figures for everyone
  • more time for valuable strategic work

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