We easily compare various companies or business units.

- Johan Buyle, Partner Buysse & Partners

Better analyses for better investments

We can best introduce Buysse & Partners as an investment boutique, which is the group’s own description of itself. Buysse & Partners finds and selects interesting growth companies on behalf of family investors and entrepreneurs. It also provides follow-up – not just on the figures, but on the operational objectives as well. 

Active investors

When people invest their money, they want to know the yield. That is clear. Buysse & Partners uses BrightAnalytics to keep its investors up to date on the day-to-day business, including the quarterly figures. “As an investment group, we are so much more than external lenders. We want to be involved in the companies we invest in and we encourage our own investors to contribute. Together, we are a sounding board for the management and the board of directors”, Johan Buyle of Buysse & Partners says. The investment group inspires investors by giving them guided tours of the relevant companies and by consistently sharing all the figures.

“The online platform enables us to monitor various companies on a daily basis without having to open hundreds of systems, request information or export error-prone Excel sheets. We can also compare various companies or business units”, Laurens Willems explains. As an investment manager, he saves a great deal of time by using the software. “It reduces the amount of work. The process is so much more active and interesting. It really makes boring administrative figures come to life.”


Transparant figures for objective discussions

Laurens, Johan and their investors work with the aggregated figures and data to start discussions or offer coaching where necessary. “Access to objective, recent and accurate figures makes a company transparent. Without those figures, you base your arguments on a gut feeling. We are guided by the actual facts. Of course everyone can interpret these facts from his or her own point of view. That is exactly what makes investments fun. However, the actual figures are the best foundation on which to build”

With BrightAnalytics, we monitor various companies on a daily basis, without opening hundreds of systems.

- Johan Buyle, Partner

Emotional and financial involvement

Buysse & Partners participates in various industries and companies in Belgium and South America in order to spread the investment risk. All Buysse & Partners employees invest their own capital in each investment. “This makes us involved on both an emotional and a financial level. It is in our own personal interest to make sure that the processes of the companies we invest in are as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.” It is no coincidence that Buysse & Partners compares the actual invoice prices of the companies it is a shareholder in with the original calculations. “By linking the data, we can quickly detect, analyse and optimise any anomalies."


Buysse & Partners is an investment company founded by Frank Buysse. On behalf of family investors and entrepreneurs, they search for and select interesting growth companies.

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