Thanks to BrightAnalytics we have a helicopter view of the entire company.

- Davy Derammelaere, Owner

Helicopter view of the operational functioning

Monitoring the performance of your own staff to make adjustments where necessary: to Tecjobz HR Group this is absolutely essential. Even more so now that the West Flemish recruitment specialist has ambitious growth objectives. To keep an overview general managers Liselotte Degezelle and Davy Derammelaere opted for BrightAnalytics. In addition to operational reporting they are now also taking their first steps in terms of financial reporting.


“At the moment there are 12 of us but soon there will be 14 and we intend to keep growing”, general manager Davy kicks off the conversation enthusiastically. In 2018 he and his life partner Liselotte founded Tecjobz HR Group, an agency specialising in the recruitment of technical and logistical profiles. Moreover, under the name of Lagom Engineering they also recruit candidates for engineering and management positions. “We distinguish ourselves from other recruitment agencies not just through our speciality but also by opting for a central location from which to service our customers. From this location we have big plans to continue our expansion.”


User-friendly and visually strong

With the growth ambitions and the expanding organisation came the need for a tool to monitor all business processes and keep control of the overall picture. “We want to maintain a helicopter view of the operation of our entire company. Without a professional tool this is simply not possible”, Davy says. More than ever before, entrepreneurs must be able to act fast. Decisions are based on figures and their correct analysis. Measuring is knowing. From that perspective the choice for BrightAnalytics was the next logical step.

Shortly after the implementation of BrightAnalytics Tecjobz HR Group started using the operational reporting functionalities in their entirety. “Thanks to the link with their ERP package, the tool gives us the opportunity to monitor the performance of our internal staff in a very pleasant, user-friendly and visually strong way so we can make adjustments wherever necessary. The reporting results are discussed with our staff in an open dialogue”, Liselotte explains. “Moreover, the operational reporting also gives us an insight into which customers are growing or stagnating, etc. and that allows us to follow up our commercial evolution.”

Even though we are still in the exploratory phase it is already clear that the investment was
more than worthwhile.

- Davy Derammelaere, Owner

Easy to set up financial analyses yourself

Tecjobz HR Group recently also started using BrightAnalytics for its financial reporting needs but according to both managers the company is still going through a transitional phase in this regard. “Until recently we used a completely different tool”, Davy continues. “It only gave us the figures and on top of that the system was very cumbersome. That is why we decided to switch to BrightAnalytics for the financial reporting as well. Here, too, the decision was based on the assets of this tool: the visual strength, the ease with which we can retrieve data, set up our own analyses and introduce our own parameters... and in a very user-friendly way.” Liselotte concurs: “What’s more, we don’t need an accountant to tell us where we stand. Even though we are still in the exploratory phase it is already clear that the investment was more than worthwhile. This tool is much more dynamic than our previous solution and has so many more functionalities.”

And finally Davy and Liselotte have nothing but praise for the service that BrightAnalytics offers. “This is a particular sensitive area for us as we ourselves place such a strong emphasis on service to our customers and applicants. Naturally any IT system faces the odd technical issue on occasion. This rarely happens with BrightAnalytics but when it does they are extremely quick to communicate so that we are aware of the problem and of the fact that they are working on a solution. Hardly half an hour later they inform us that the issue has been resolved and we don’t have to do a thing”, Liselotte concludes.


  • Dynamic, user-friendly solution
  • Visually strong
  • Fast communication, excellent service
  • Easy to set up yourself



Tip from Tecjobz HR Group for those considering a similar project:

“Invest enough time, especially in the start-up phase, to discover all the functionalities. Even during the daily rush it’s important to take some time to focus fully on discovering the possibilities of the tool so you can get the most out of it.”


West Flemish recruitment agency Tecjobz HR Group made a conscious choice to specialise in technical and logistical profiles. From technical operators to mechanics and engineers.
Under the name of Lagom Engineering they also select and recruit candidates for engineering and management positions. At present Tecjobz HR Group employs 12 staff, with outspoken ambitions towards further growth. So how do the general managers maintain a helicopter view of their flourishing business? Through BrightAnalytics.

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